Our Team

Fraser Burton - Head of Tommy Flowers Institute

Fun Facts
I've recently returned from northern Chile, where the Atacama desert is the driest place on earth.

We climbed the Cordillera de la Sal, which is a mountain range made entirely of salt, not rock.

Since it hardly ever rains, the salt never washes away and the wind carves strange statues.

You may have guessed: I love to travel to strange places.

About my work me
With a BA in Physics, an MSc in Engineering and thirty years in the industry, I now run BT's university research programme.

BT's global university research supports BT's customers by working with the world's best universities to access world class expertise and facilities, identifying challenging new ideas, conduct research with a broader view and longer timescales, and build essential new skills in the company.

My programme works wit over 40 universities globally. We focus on leading universities in UK, USA, Middle East and Asia. This secures access to the word's fines thinking and facilities.

My big new initiative is working across industry on the Tommy Flowers Institute to create future research leaders.

Sarah Mackenzie - Tommy Flowers Institute Communications Liaison

Fun Facts
I an completely horse crazy. I have my own 4-legged friends and I enjoy riding with my daughter.

I also have the most handsome black Labrador called 'Flapjack' - who my son is training as a gun dog.

About my work me
I work in the Strategic University Research programme and look after the customer relationships with Pembroke College Cambridge and Imperial College London. I organise customer workshops and enjoy linking up industry and academia to build on and create new collaborations

I am responsible for the communications in the team and publish a communications brief for within BT and externally to our customers

I look forward to building some new relationships at the Tommy Flowers Institute Conferences.

Rika Nauck - Event Choreography, Social Media and Students Liaison

Fun Facts
In 2006 I won a bodybuilding competition.

I love travelling by motorcycle and am riding my own 900cc Triumph Legend.

I recently took up fishing and found that live bait is quite something to get used to. I might just take a course in fly fishing and stick to the pretty artificial lures.

About my work me
I am part of the Strategic University Research team which is the 'Tommy Flowers Institute' HQ. I am the Adastral Park liaison, organising everything 'within', and I am looking after our students during their summer placements.

I am supporting Fraser in organising and running the conferences and in building and maintaining the supporting programme.

Additionally I am running the social media and this website.

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