The future starts now - it's already driven by data, controlled by AIs and hyper-connected - so where do we go next?
Carol Fletcher
BT's Head of Academic and
Research Partnerships
This stuff matters - seriously. We’re living connected, digital lives in a world that’s been radically changed by our use of technology. Many of devices, applications and services we rely on today, and the technologies that underpin them, were inconceivable to previous generations. What happens next will be driven by the next generation of researchers coming out of universities. I need this new generation of research leaders to understand the ICT industry they will be inheriting - because they will be shaping our world from now on, and we all need them to get it right!
I run the Tommy Flowers Network (TFN) to bring together the ICT industry with the new generation of our universities' postgraduate researchers to understand the biggest challenges we’re facing. For me, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity. Sure, so academics publish papers, companies serve customers, the government implements public policy - but if we pulled together, just imagine the amazing things we could do!

TFn is making this happen.

Let's get together and nurture the next generation of researchers, because this stuff matters - seriously.

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