Thursday, 27 February 2020

Spring 2020 conference speaker: Dr Andrew Bourne, EPSRC-UKRI, Director Partnerships

We are proud to announce that we have Dr Andrew Bourne, EPSRC-UKRI, Director Partnerships as opening speaker of the first day at our conference on 'Adding Value to Economies: Collaborate - Innovate - Educate'.

Date: 24th - 25th March 2020
Location: Adastral Park, Ipswich, IP5 3RE
Start: 09:30 AM
Drinks & Dinner: Tuesday, 24th March 20
Fees: none
Register: Formwize

Dr Andrew Bourne
Director Partnerships
Andrew leads EPSRC’s strategic interactions with key partners within the university, business, regional and international sectors to ensure that the EPSRC progresses its Delivery Plan Priority Framework and its desired outcomes.  Andrew also leads EPSRC Impact and Public Engagement activities.

Andrew is a member of the EPSRC Executive Board and currently the Project Director for the Rosalind Franklin Institute.
Previously Andrew has led:
  • The University Relationship portfolio as Deputy Director
  • The Physical Sciences Capability theme commissioning research and training within the fundamental chemistry, physics, and materials portfolio
See as well Andrew's LinkedIn Profile.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Thought Leadership Event: Dr Madeline Cheah on 'Cybersecurity for Future Mobility'

We are hosting a series of 'Thought Leadership Events' at Adastral Park and via WebEx.

Though Leadership Event
Speaker: Dr Madeline Cheah
Title: Cybersecurity for Future Mobility

This talk focuses on the future areas of cybersecurity in future mobility, including what the vehicle of the future might look like, the key enablers and what the cybersecurity implications are.
Madeline also identifies potential questions we would need answering when looking at the mobility ecosystem, especially because there will be new players and new perspectives. Finally, predictions of what security practitioners are dealing with, along with some of the solutions that are currently in progress, are being presented.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Spring 2020 conference speaker: Russell Beck, ImagineThinkDo

We are absolutely delighted to have Russell Beck from ImagineThinkDo speaking on 'The Future of Work' during the morning of the first day, at our conference on 'Adding Value to Economies: Collaborate - Innovate - Educate'.

I heard Russell at a conference and just knew: We need him here!
Rika, TFNetwork Team

Date: 24th - 25th March 2020
Location: Adastral Park, Ipswich, IP5 3RE
Start: 09:30 AM
Drinks & Dinner: Tuesday, 24th March 20
Fees: none
Register: Formwize
Russell Beck
As an engineer Russell is not your average people-person. He couples a research-driven approach to people and work with an inspirational, charismatic and thought-provoking style. He connects dots in an informative way to help organisations take tangible actions to unlock the potential and productivity of their most expensive and most important asset, their people. Often acting as an agent provocateur, he captivates people, motivating them to think differently, providing the impetus to change and transform, enabling them to move quicker and further than they previously thought possible.

Russell is widely acknowledged as a thought leader across all aspects of talent management and people strategy; from the future of work, attraction, engagement and retention to belonging, meaning and individual productivity. He has consulted and supported boards and leadership teams of companies of all sizes - FTSE100, Fortune500, SMEs – and across many sectors – technology, engineering, pharma, retail, finance, hospitality, public, 3rd sector.

As a public speaker, Russell delivered the keynote talk at the 2020 launch of Vodafone’s BILL series (which was live-streamed globally), the annual conferences for ACAS HR Leaders, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Skillsnet Ireland, and has spoken at corporate events for GSK, The Planning Institute, John Lewis, Chartered Accountants Ireland, The NHS, The Institute of Occupational Medicine, Interserve and others.

A husband, father and runner and dog lover, Russell puts the same level of passion and energy into his home life as his professional one.

To quote a recent attendee: ‘Russell is one of business’s influential speakers and one of the most inspirational I have ever heard. He knows his stuff and his delivery is second to none captivating the room with thought-provoking content and engaging delivery. I guarantee he will keep your attention and focus throughout. If you have the chance to attend an event where Russell is speaking then I would urge you to do so because I am confident it will be a great use of your time.’

For more information please contact Russell Beck, Director of Inspiration, at ImagineThinkDo on or at 07710 898904.

About us
ImagineThinkDo is a small consultancy that inspires and challenges leaders to think differently about their people agendas and helps turn those thoughts into action.

We strongly believe that in a world where technology is all-consuming, what sets organisations apart is their people.

We are at our best when helping leaders tackle their people challenges by deepening their understanding so that they can imagine and define new ways of working and deliver tangible benefits.

The Talk: The Future of Work
The pace of change has never been this fast…..
…..and yet it will never be this slow again.
’ Justin Trudeau WEF Jan 2018

The world is changing and changing at an ever-faster rate. What seemed like science fiction only a decade ago today seems almost dated. On the one hand, increasing life expectancy means we cannot afford to retire until our 70’s or even 80’s and yet, on the other hand, the Chief Economist at the Bank of England states that 15m jobs within the UK are at risk of automation. It that context, how does a 50 or 60-year career even begin to make sense?

Whilst individually that may be challenging everything is changing for our employers as well. Globalisation, technology, brands, changing consumer choices, politics are all threatening business with competitors seemingly coming from nowhere overnight. It is all up in the air, it is all happening at once, and it is happening to all of us. From any perspective whether personal or corporate, we need to understand what is happening and prepare ourselves for what is coming next.

In this abridged version of the talk will briefly consider the global megatrends playing out in the world and then focus on how we can future-proof our careers. For every answer offered we will show you where it is already playing out as, after all, the science fiction writer William Gibson said 30 years ago ‘The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.’

‘The Future of Work’ is one of the subjects from our series of ‘Inspiration and Challenge’ sessions that are designed to stretch your imagination and unlock the value of your people.

Feedback from a recent attendee stated: “This was the best <Vistage> speaker I have heard. Very relevant content weaved skilfully into a magnificent talk with a good balance between visioning and practicality. Superb delivery. I can't think of any way Russell would improve his session and would urge others to attend your events if they get the opportunity.”
Learning objectives:
This session will enable you to appreciate how the world is changing and how these changes will impact you. It will outline the aspects you need to consider to future proof your career and be prepared for what is coming next.

From this understanding you will:
  • Be more aware of the six global megatrends (urbanisation, technology, demography, globalisation, climate and politics)
  • Be shown seven ways in which work will change and how you can future-proof your career
  • Have real-world examples of where each of the seven factors are already playing out 

Monday, 24 February 2020

Thought Leadership Event: Dr Hazel Harrison on 'How can Technology enhance our mental health as we age'

We are hosting a series of 'Thought Leadership Events' at Adastral Park and via WebEx.

Though Leadership Event
Speaker: Dr Hazel Harrison, Think Avellana
Title: How can Technology enhance our mental health as we age

Hazel discussed one quick and easy Model for Wellbeing, using the acronym: PERMA (Positive Emotions; Engagement; Relationships; Meaning and Accomplishment). Hazel also explored some mindfulness Apps such as Buddhify; Grateful: A gratitude Journal and Action for Happiness.

Please watch out for future invites!