Thursday, 28 November 2019

Thank you for a fantastic 2019!

What a year it has been!
Now that it is coming to a close we would like to say 'Thank You!' to all our supporters and give you some news bites before soon we go into holidays.

We will have a new name next year. 'Tommy Flowers Institute' will become 'Tommy Flowers Network', because that is what we are: A network of likeminded people and institutions working for a greater good! So, we might look a bit different next year, but we still are the same team and we still follow our vision.

We had a great conference season 2019. The 'Future of Transport', as well as 'Healthy Longevity' have been well received, and we all took a lot away to think about more. We now have published the slide decks and the coms briefs. So, please have a little browse through our brand new Downloads page. Some slide decks however, we cannot publish, they were not suitable for public sharing.

And we have decided on the Spring 2020 conference with the title 'Creating value for the UK economy: Collaborate - Innovate - Educate'. We are looking for post graduate researchers to contribute posters and short presentations of their work, we will enable a lot of networking, true to our new name, and we will have fantastic speakers, as we always do.

On this note the team wishes a very Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing you 2020!