Wednesday, 22 August 2018

2018 Autumn Conference - Repurposed Innovation Tech Mashup

We are slash bang in the middle of putting together another fabulous conference for you!
I am just about to get the brochure print rolling but most importantly I am discussing the menu for the dinner on the Tuesday evening, while Fraser is finalising the details of the flight of this really rather big drone.
We can't wait now to hear about IoT applied to the world of agriculture and medicine, and neuroscience applied to AI. Inspiration is sparking all directions these days and it surely does at our conference.
We will hear about blockchain applied to education. Really? Isn't blockchain all about cryptocurrencies? Well, we will find out!
We will learn what soft robotics is about, and how something that usually finds it's application in medicine can transform processes in the telecoms world, and we will hear the viewpoints of our speakers from the UK Government's Satellite and Digital Catapults, and many things more.
But most importantly we can't wait to welcoming you to this madness of mixing it up.

Please do
for the 2018 Autumn conference on 'Repurposed Innovation - Tech Mashup'
Date: 18th - 19th September
Location: Adastral Park, Ipswich, IP5 3RE
Start: 09:30 AM both days
Drinks & Dinner: Tuesday 18th
Fees: none